Why Do Some Spots Reappear?

You just had your carpets cleaned.  You commend the cleaner for how great your carpets look after cleaning, and when you wake up the next morning you notice a spot, and swear it wasn’t there before.  What happened?  Did my carpet cleaner do a bad job?  Did he miss a [...]

The Importance of Sealing Tile Grout Lines

grouting tile lines worth the effort

grouting tile lines worth the effort

Sealing tile grout lines is one issue that has been debated by many tillers and home-builders for years. While some would say that this step is not necessary (given the quality of grouts used nowadays) and is only just another time-consuming process, experts still believe that the benefits and importance [...]

Removing Blood Stains from Your Carpet

removing difficult stains from

removing difficult stains from

Difficult blood stains Blood stains are terribly difficult to remove from carpets, although it is not impossible to get rid of them completely. However, unlike any other household stain like juice or wine or sauce, blood stains require special attention when it comes to cleaning them up. For one, blood [...]

Carpet Cleaning: Things You Should Know

Carpets are not cheap – making them one of the most expensive investments you can make for your home. Thus, if you are going to have it cleaned, you will naturally want to make sure that the job is done right. There are some things that you should be aware [...]

The Appropriate Carpet Cleaning Method Can Help You Save Cash and Prevent Changing Your Carpet

If you’ve changed carpets before, you are aware of how expensive this can be – the cost of getting a new carpet and having a professional to install it can take a hefty cut on anyone’s budget. Thus, why not just have your carpet cleaned? Carpet cleaning won’t make your [...]