Hot Water Extraction -VS- Steam Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction VS Steam Cleaning What’s the difference, and which is better?   Today, steam cleaning is really a misnomer for hot water extraction. True steam cleaning is a different method, and is rarely used at all in modern carpet cleaning. In true steam cleaning, the water is heated […]

Urine questions? Urine luck!

One of our most commonly asked questions is “How do you get the urine out, and what about that smell!”.  This article will discuss what causes the odor from urine, and the methods of treating it. The odors associated with urine are not directly caused by the urine itself.  So, […]

Spring is near!

Spring is near! Its time to start coming back to life. Clear the cobwebs, clean out those gutters, get your windows sparkling, and your floors free of mud! Just before spring is the perfect time to get your home back into tip top shape for the nice weather on the […]

Do I Need to Use Special Cleaners on Sealed Hardwood Floors

cleaning hardwood floors properly

cleaning hardwood floors properly

Cleaning hardwood floors Hardwood floors are favorites of many homeowners because of their sleek and shiny appeal. They can be made using different types of wood with different grain patterns which further add to the sophisticated look of the floor. In order to maintain that wonderful look of sealed hardwood […]

The Importance of Sealing Tile Grout Lines

grouting tile lines worth the effort

grouting tile lines worth the effort

Grout tile lines Sealing tile grout lines is one issue that has been debated by many tillers and home-builders for years. While some would say that this step is not necessary (given the quality of grouts used nowadays) and is only just another time-consuming process, experts still believe that the […]