Urine questions? Urine luck!

One of our most commonly asked questions is “How do you get the urine out, and what about that smell!”.  This article will discuss what causes the odor from urine, and the methods of treating it. The odors associated with urine are not directly caused by the urine itself.  So, […]

Spring is near!

Spring is near! Its time to start coming back to life. Clear the cobwebs, clean out those gutters, get your windows sparkling, and your floors free of mud! Just before spring is the perfect time to get your home back into tip top shape for the nice weather on the […]

Effective Carpet Cleaning Hints: How to Clean Different Types of Carpets

Carpets get stained and accumulate dirt the longer they are used. It is can be fairly difficult for a home with busy foot traffic to keep their carpets clean and showroom worthy. However, it is not an impossible feat. By putting doormats on the entry and enforcing a “No Shoes […]

Carpet Cleaning Equipment to Care for Your Rugs

Rug and carpet cleaning, especially the heavily soiled and stained ones, required more than just soap and water to clean. In order to really get the dirt out and sanitize it, you’ll have to use special carpet cleaning agents and equipment. The problem here is that not all of these […]

Granite Surfaces – How Often Should They Be Re-Sealed?

Granite is a beautiful material that adds an expensive, upscale touch to any room it’s in. Granite is also extremely durable, and this combination makes it one of the most popular choices for homes today. Though granite is beautiful, it’s also porous, and while it’s resistant to many chemicals – […]