Dangers of Stain Removal Products & DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you’re like most people, your first instinct when a spill hits your carpet is to go running for the stain remover we picked up at the store, and soak the heck out of that stain before it can set, right? WRONG! There are hidden dangers of do it yourself stain removal, and some are pretty scary. What can happen? Anything from destroying your carpet, to serious health problems.
Store bought stain removal products can be very harsh, even supposedly “Green” products. The harshness of these products can fade your carpet, or even disintegrate it. Whether you spent $3 or $50 on the product, your carpet may never look the same again. Higher price does not indicate a better product. Additionally, sometimes self treating a stain incorrectly can make it impossible for even a professional to remove.

Some store bought spot cleaners are also highly toxic- which can be a danger to your family. Yes, professional cleaners may also use chemicals, but they are able to thoroughly remove them, leaving no residue in the carpet. Also, most professional cleaners actually have much safer products than what’s on the shelves at the supermarket. When self cleaning, you simply cannot remove it all. Some of these cleaners may emit toxic fumes on their own, and some when mixed with other products or acids. Inhalation of these fumes could cause potential health issues. Professional cleaners know what can, and cannot, be mixed, and are able to thoroughly rinse the agents from your carpet. This leaves your carpet both clean, and safe for the kiddos and pets.
What to do? Some carpet cleaners carry safe, non toxic spotting solutions that are perfect for home use. Al’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration carries an exclusive spotting agent for the home, that is both safe and effective. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean towel, saturate with spotter, and blot until you are unable to remove any more moisture. Continue until you no longer see soil transfer to the towel. If you do not have access to such a product, we would recommend calling a professional to remove the stain. When you have Al’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration clean your carpets, you will receive a free bottle of our exclusive spotter. If you aren’t a customer, you can still purchase our spotter for $7 .95 per 16oz bottle.

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