Effective Carpet Cleaning Hints: How to Clean Different Types of Carpets

Carpets get stained and accumulate dirt the longer they are used. It is 3can be fairly difficult for a home with busy foot traffic to keep their carpets clean and showroom worthy. However, it is not an impossible feat. By putting doormats on the entry and enforcing a “No Shoes Allowed” rule, you should be able to minimize the dirt and damage on your carpets.

However, when dirt and stains do get into the carpet, the only option is to clean them immediately. You should never leave any stain for long in the carpet. All carpets absorb stains, which discolors the fibers, making them leave a permanent mark.

Although specific carpets call for specific solutions, there are some general methods of cleaning carpets, whatever kind they may be.

When vacuuming, a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar works best for most of the different types of carpets except wool, premium soft carpets and long pile carpets. Just be sure to adjust the pile height, and check the beater bars for often to ensure that threads and fuzz don’t get stuck. As for the cases of the exceptions, it is best to use a suction only vacuum to remove the dirt lodged in the carpet. Here’s a hint: Most modern vacuum have both beater bars and suction capabilities, and the beater bars can be easily removed to turn the vacuum into suction only function.

As for spills, one of the most effective ways to clean them is by blotting. This is done by pressing a dry towel onto the affected area, allowing the towel to absorb all liquid spilled in the carpet. Do not rub the towel as this will cause the carpet fibers to matte. This is most applicable in the cases of clear liquid. If the liquid is colored such as soda and juice, a wet towel is preferred. Be sure to dry the affected area well in order to avoid further discoloration.

Specific carpets have specific cleaning instructions, but there are some general methods that apply to all types of carpets. Take note that these methods though, are not recommended for heavily soiled and stained carpets, where the services of a professional cleaner is required.

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