How to Clean Shag Carpet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]shag carpetShag carpets are one of the coziest and most comfortable looking carpets available, characteristics that make them so appealing to many homeowners. The problem is that they are also one of the (if not “the”) most difficult types of carpet to clean.
This is mainly because of their long piles and fibers which easily traps dirt and debris in the bottom part of the carpet. In addition, shag carpets can be very absorbent (depending on the material used) and cause stains to set rapidly if not cleaned immediately. However, this should not discourage you from buying shag carpets because despite the difficulties, they are cleanable, and below are some of the most common methods used to clean shag carpets.
Shag carpets will require a sort of specialized vacuum cleaner – to be more specific, one that has suction only features and doesn’t have rotating brushes or beater bars as these can cause the pile to tangle and fray. When vacuuming shag carpets, be sure to clean them thoroughly in order to get the dirt embedded deep in the carpet’s bottom.
Smaller shag carpets can be cleaned by bringing them outside hanging them on the clothesline or railings and paddling them to remove the dust and dirt. Beat it hard enough to loosen any debris that might have been stuck in the pile, and then leave the carpet there to air and dry.
Dry Shampooing
You can rent a dry shampoo machine from a carpet cleaning store and use it along with carpet shampoo granules to clean your shag carpet. All you have to do here is to sprinkle the shampoo granules over the carpet and working them with a brush until they set deep into the carpet. Leave the granules there for as long as the shampoo label says, then vacuum the granules out thoroughly.
Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning is probably the most difficult method of cleaning shag carpets, and is better left to professional cleaning services because when not done right, it can ruin the carpet. Steam cleaning makes use of hot steam and carpet detergent which will get the carpet soaking wet. It must then be dried thoroughly or else mold and mildew will develop, and the wet fibers will weaken as they dry.



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