How to Remove Pet Urine from Your Carpet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Accidental DogWe all love our dogs and cats, but there are instances when we tend to get “a little” upset at t them, such as when they feel the call of nature and give in to it right there in our brand new carpet. We are pretty certain that their pee will leave a rather yellowish stain on our white carpet, and the stench is most likely to linger around even after cleaning it. Even though the mess that is left behind isn’t as difficult to remove as those caused by other liquids, they can cause quite a headache if you are not sure about how to go about in cleaning it.

Cleaning Fresh Pet Urine
More often than not, it tends to be easier to clean up fresh pet urine than the dried up ones, mainly because you still have a time to minimize the damage and stain that the urine can cause by removing the excess liquid.

To clean up fresh pet urine on your carpets, start by dabbing a dry piece of cloth on the puddle of urine, making sure to soak up all the excess liquid. Don’t wipe or rub the urine, as this will cause the urine to go deeper into the carpet fibers. After this, you should wet the stained area with water in order to “dilute” the pee and dry it up again with another piece of dried cloth. You can then spray a carpet deodorizer to help remove or cover the smell, and dry it up with another piece of cloth or towel.

Cleaning Dried Pet Urine
As mentioned above, dried up pet urine tends to be more difficult to remove than fresh urine because the pee has already been absorbed by the carpet fibers and the stain are likely to have set in. However, this does not mean that all is lost, because there are still some ways that you can get rid of the stain and bring your carpet back to its spic and span condition.
First is by using steam cleaning method, where a professional carpet cleaner will blow steam into the dried up stain in order to break down the dried up urine and make them easier to remove.
Also, you can try to carpet shampoo the whole rug, especially when you know that your pet has peed on several areas of the carpet, such as under the couch, under the center table, beside the bookshelf and other similar areas.

Since these two methods require some skill and specialized equipments to implement, you should definitely consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to help you out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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