Removing Blood Stains from Your Carpet


Difficult blood stains

removing difficult stains fromBlood stains are terribly difficult to remove from carpets, although it is not impossible to get rid of them completely. However, unlike any other household stain like juice or wine or sauce, blood stains require special attention when it comes to cleaning them up.

For one, blood stains may have some infectious diseases in them, which makes them quite hazardous to your health. From pathogens to microbes, blood on the carpet can become the source of many health concerns. Thus, it is important that you wear some protective gears when cleaning up blood stains from your carpet. Some of these safety gears include a good pair of surgical gloves to prevent any direct contact with your hands and fingernails, as well as a face mask to prevent you from inhaling any air borne pathogens that may be present.

Once you have your gears ready, you can now start preparing the agents and solutions that you will need. As mentioned previously, blood stains are different from ordinary stains, and will thus require some stronger cleaning agents.

Bleach sounds like a good item to use; however, they can also cause irreparable damage to your carpets. Thus, it is still better to use high quality carpet cleaners and shampoos as recommended by your carpet’s manufacturer. In addition, you should choose cleaning agents with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to make sure that you get rid of any bacteria or pathogens that can harm you. Disinfectants, are also recommended, as well as deodorizers in order to avoid any foul smell that may linger even after the cleaning is done.

Using these, you can start removing the excess blood by dabbing a clean piece of cloth onto is to absorb any liquid left, then gently but properly adding your cleaning agents and dabbing (not rubbing) a towel onto the stained area. The longer that the blood has been on the carpet, the more time it will take to finish. Thus, patience is required for this endeavor. Once you have removed the stain, be sure to wrap all the towels you used and dispose of them properly to avoid any contamination.

If you are unable to clean the carpet, or would like to ensure the cleanliness of the carpet, you should consider having it steam cleaned. For this though, you may want to talk to a professional carpet cleaning company to help you out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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