Some Guidelines to Fire Damage Restoration

fire-damageThe process of fire damage restoration can begin when fire safety authorities declare the damaged property to be safe. However, before any actual work commences, there are some things that must be taken into consideration and steps that must be taken to ensure that the fire damage restoration process flows smoothly.

Understand the Extent of Damage
The first thing that you need to look at and understand is how much of your house or property has been affected by the fire. For some, taking a look at the burned area (e.g. walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) seems to be enough, but it actually is not. You should also look at your furniture and appliances and see if they got singed or smell like smoke. Don’t forget to check other areas which are not affected by the fire since it is most likely that smoke and other got to them even though the flames did not.

Know the Problem

Unknown to common individuals, there are different types of damage caused by fires. For instance, there is what they call wet smoke residues which are caused by smoldering fires with low heat, resulting in sticky and smeary residues and strong smell. In contrast, dry smoke residue is the result of high heat and high temperature fires, leaving behind a dry and powdery residue. There are other types worth mentioning, and it is important to know each of their characteristics since most of them require different and particular solutions.

Call Your Insurance Company
Like in all accidents and any untoward incident, be sure to contact your insurance agent right away. They will be able to assist you by giving you the names of fire damage restoration companies whom they trust and are in partnership with. They can also help you take inventory of your items, especially those remaining ones and still viable for restoration. Remember not to throw away any item until the insurance agent tells you to do so.

Damage caused by fires can be a real headache (not to mention traumatic). Fortunately, there are fire damage restoration companies available to help. These trained professionals can help you better understand the damage that your house or property incurred, and provide you the best solutions to make sure that the restoration process is a success.

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