Cleaning Microfiber The Right Way

Keeping micro-fiber furniture looking new

microfiber furniture cleaningThe popularity of microfiber furniture has exploded in the last decade. More and more homeowners are choosing this material over leather and traditional cloth for many reasons. It looks great and feels amazingly comfortable; sectionals are where one is most likely to find this fabric, but it is also made for chairs and love-seats.

One of the major benefits of microfiber lies in its composition; the material is comprised of a large number of small fiber strands, which due to their thin texture allow for that sleek look and stain/water repellent exterior.

The mystery of cleaning microfiber

However, no furniture is immune to staining, though we are certain your local store sales rep boasted to the contrary. The biggest problem with cleaning microfiber as opposed to leather and cloth, is that you can rarely use soap and water. Well you can, but only if want permanent, water rings on your sofa.

Fortunately for you, every piece of microfiber furniture has a tag that indicates what type of cleaning solution to use. If the tag is missing (as is commonly the case when buying used furniture); you can either call the manufacturer or enter the product code online.

There will be one of four codes on the tag (W, S, S-W, X) which stand for water-based, solvent-based, S/W type cleaners or vacuum-only. As you can probably tell, W and X types are the easiest to clean. Simply grab a wet wash cloth or the vacuum cleaner to clear the stain.

Granted you are not one of the lucky few who own an easily cleaned kind, clear or rubbing alcohol is going to be your next best friend. This is the go-to solvent-based cleanser for all polyester fabrics. Put the solution in a spray bottle and lightly mist the furniture, as this will make for even distribution and prevent excess buildup in any one space.

Grab a soft-bristled brush and scrub in a circular motion. Depending on how dirty the surface is, this process could range from 5-15 minutes, but regular maintenance will keep cleaning times to a minimum. Do this on a bi-weekly basis and your microfiber furniture will look brand new for years to come.

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