How to remove pet hair from furniture?

Best Way to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

It is not hard to tell whether a person is a pet owner. They may casually bring up the topic during conversation, or you may see pictures of their furry friends on their Facebook feed. When visiting their home, the animal need not be in the room for you to tell. How? Look at their furniture and floors. Most cats and dogs shed, some quite a bit.
Many of our customers have asked us about the best ways to remove the hair clinging to their couches and loveseats. The fur from a small breed like a dachshund or chiachuaha is usually minimal, but is still a nuisance to put up with; consider the shedding extent of a hairy Newfoundland, and the issue is compounded. Do not give up on your pet yet or have the idea that nice furniture will forever be a distant dream. Though a pain to remove via traditional upholstery cleaning methods, animal hair can be removed easily with the right tools.

So Your Pet is Shedding

  • Put your dryer sheets to good work – if you use fabric softener sheets instead of liquid for your clothing, than you already have what you need! The cloth like material on the sheet is great for picking up hair and loose particles. Rubbing the sheet over the area of your furniture will act as a magnet. Turn the cloth over once one side has become full of hair. On a side note, scented sheets may also make your furniture smell better!
  • Use the static electricity from balloons – your children will love this one and you will love the amazing effects. Just as rubbing a balloon on carpet or your head generates static electricity, the same thing happens when you do it on fabric. Roll the balloon over the couch or chair until all of the hair is gone. Many people rely on suction from vacuums, but the magnetic force of the static charge is stronger.
  • Since there are millions of pet owners out there, the market for hair removal products is not small. One awesome tool that will control your dog or cat’s shedding is the FURminator. This brush safely removes their undercoat, which is the primary cause of loose hair. For professional upholstery cleaning, feel free to give Al’s Carpet Cleaning a call!

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