Do I Need to Use Special Cleaners on Sealed Hardwood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors

cleaning hardwood floors properlyHardwood floors are favorites of many homeowners because of their sleek and shiny appeal. They can be made using different types of wood with different grain patterns which further add to the sophisticated look of the floor.

In order to maintain that wonderful look of sealed hardwood floors they must be cleaned regularly, and when it comes to cleaning sealed hardwood floors, there are several issues that usually arise, just like what cleaning solutions to use. This is very important because using the wrong cleaner can severely damage your beloved hardwood floors.

Before you actually start choosing and buying a cleaning product to use, it is best to first determine if your hardwood floor is indeed sealed or not. This is because it is the type of finish used that will be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a cleaning product and not the type of wood that the floor is made of.

For instance, hardwood floors with oil-treated and penetrating seal treated finishes can be cleaned and buffed with wax only. The same is true for hardwood floors sealed with lacquer or varnish, whereas floors sealed with urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic do not require any specific cleaning solution since a mop is more than enough to do the trick.

Also, there are certain things one must remember when opting to use cleaning solutions on sealed hardwood floors. For one, cleaning solutions that contain straight ammonia or alkaline cleaners are never recommended on sealed hardwood floors since they have a tendency to dull the sheen and shine of the finish while abrasive cleaners scratch it. In addition, one may think that using oil gives sealed hardwood floors a better shine. Although this may be true, using oil almost always leaves residues on the floor that makes them slippery.

Water and dishwashing liquid is a very popular cleaning solution, and is a cheaper and safer compared to other cleaners, but be wary that using this solution may dull the sealed hardwood floor’s finish when overdone. Also, mopping with water does not remove dirt build-up, and you may actually just end up spreading all those dirt and dust as you mop.

If you just had a new sealed hardwood floor installed, you should first read the manufacturers manual or contact the company and check if your floor is covered by any warranty. If it is, make sure to follow the cleaning procedures, along with the cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer in order to avoid your warranty from becoming void.


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