Granite Surfaces – How Often Should They Be Re-Sealed?

5597824_sGranite is a beautiful material that adds an expensive, upscale touch to any room it’s in. Granite is also extremely durable, and this combination makes it one of the most popular choices for homes today. Though granite is beautiful, it’s also porous, and while it’s resistant to many chemicals – oil is a big problem; oil and granite just don’t mix. Oil will permeate and stain granite if it hasn’t been installed or sealed properly, or if the sealing is old or worn. So, how often should granite be resealed? This can be a confusing question, because some sources will tell you that certain kinds of granite need frequent re-sealing, other sources will say, no – you never have to re-seal it, and still others will play it safe and tell you to re-seal every 3 to 5 years. The truth is, there are a lot of variations in granite, and how often it needs to be re-sealed will depend on what kind you have. But if you’re in a home that had granite surfaces when you moved in, you may not know what kind of granite you’ve got. This is where we can help. At Al’s, we can water-test your granite for absorbency and porosity to determine what kind of granite you have. Our skilled technicians are certified in servicing all types of granite, marble, stone, and tile floors, and we can tell you exactly how to maintain and care for your home’s natural surfaces. We are also professionally licensed and equipped to apply the kind of industry-grade sealer that will give your floors and countertops the best protection. Don’t risk taking a chance with a very expensive part of your home! Let Al’s take the guesswork out of caring for your home’s stone flooring and counters!

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