Tile Floor & Grout Line Cleaning Tips


Tips to keep your tile & grout clean

als tileTile is one of the most popular flooring material options in kitchens and bathrooms. It holds up better against moisture than any other product, is sturdy under foot traffic, and looks amazing in the right setting. The style and color possibilities are constantly growing, making this a hot commodity in the home improvement sector. The only downside is the way it is constructed. Unlike laminate or wood surfaces that feature closed seams, tile is comprised of a network of grout lines that hold the individual sections of stone together.

Do Not Let Grout Stains Get You Down
This is not a huge problem, but does pose some difficulty concerning maintenance. Grout is porous, meaning it naturally absorbs materials, albeit to a minimal degree. Over time, water, dust, and dirt can accumulate in the grout lines and lead to staining.

Discoloration is common due to most grout consisting of a lighter color such as white or gray. Mold and mildew buildup are also not uncommon, particularly in rooms that lack proper ventilation or on floors that have not been maintained regularly. Armed with a can-do attitude and a few household cleaning products, however, no grout stain is too tough.
The good thing about tile is you are free to scrub the surface roughly, which is a required step in some instances. A hard-bristled brush is the best tool for the job, and many homeowners have found that toothbrushes work well for tile-cleaning projects. Just make sure it is not the one you use to clean your mouth.

Water and a Brush
To the surprise of many, most grout problems can be remedied with a brush and a cup of warm H2O. Chemicals are needed for heavier staining and discoloration, but refrain from using them until afterwards. Scrub the grout lines in a circular motion and let the surface air dry.
If this does not appear to be doing the job, mix a solution of water and white vinegar. Use a spray bottle to prevent saturation, and let the mixture sit for a few minutes. Doing this will also sanitize your floors, a big must for any bathroom or kitchen. Baking soda, peroxide, and bleach are all effective alternatives, but use these abrasive products sparingly, as they can erode the tile.

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