Forever Clean Program

carpet_cleaning_orIf we clean your carpets and you choose to have your carpet protected with a DuPont Teflon carpet protector, you are eligible for our ‘Forever Clean Program’.

There’s no contract to sign, there’s no obligation, and you can cancel out of the program at any time you choose.

Here’s How Forever Clean Works
Six months after your first carpet cleaning, we will come back to your home, we will clean the carpet in your traffic areas (of the rooms we originally cleaned), and protect those same areas, and all you pay for is the protector. So, every other carpet cleaning is free.

Wait The Forever Clean Program Gets Better
If at the time of the second carpet cleaning, you choose to stay in the Forever Clean Program, six months later we will start on the first cleaning again where you pay for cleaning and protector. At that time we will even give you the option of not raising your price in the next year from the first year.

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