Removing Moss from Your Roof- The why’s and the How-To’s

Moss removal is imperative when it comes to the life of your roof. It starts under shingles, lifting them from your roof as it grows. Proper maintenance will ensure your roof doesn’t require early replacement.
Moss is caused by three main factors- cool temperatures, lack of sun, and damp conditions. You will often find that moss will not grow on areas of the roof that get even a couple hours of sun per day. If your roof gets no sun, there’s a good chance you’ve got moss.

When it comes to treating moss, there are two options- liquids, and powders. Powders are applied in rows along the ridgeline, and when it rains, the powder mixes with the rainwater and runs down the roof towards the eves treating the moss. The upside- you can see exactly where you’ve applied to treatment. The downside- often the powder will leave bright white lines until a really strong rain washes them away. Also, you will often find enough product was not applied on the first pass to kill the moss, in which case you would need to climb back up and re-apply.

The other option is liquids. Liquids are great because they are easy to apply, and often don’t require you to actually get up on the roof- they can often be sprayed from a ladder. While easier to apply, its hard to keep track of where you have applied this clear liquid. Liquid treatments are typically effective with just one application.
Prior to treating your roof for moss, you will need to remove all leaves and debris from the surface, to ensure even application. Leaf blowers are a great way to remove debris quickly.

If you have any questions, or would like a quote for treating your roof for moss, give us a call!

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