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Our Motorsport Division is Making Connections Across Hybrid and Electric Racing Platforms
Avoiding the new aged electric vehicles is going to be quite the challenge since they're almost everywhere you look. If you didn't already know, manufacturers all around the world are continuously announcing the launch of new vehicles. All of this is being done to replace the older polluting models. This comes even faster with the set of new and upcoming deadlines that are being set by countries around the globe. In this article, professionals at FC Lane Electronics explain.

The Evolution of Motorsports

Within the UK alone, they've set a date for 2030. However, before that deadline can be seen, there are still many autosport areas that haven't migrated as yet. Lane Motorsport has been continuously supplying some solutions in a conscious effort to better support the EV revolution. All of this comes from the Business Development Manager Peter Costin. The connector systems are now finding their way into just about every platform within the industry. This leaves a window open for various levels of racing boats, bikes and cars. Formula student teams are also being widely supported by Lane Motorsport as students begin to work on new and innovative ideas.

The Formula E Revolution

In light of shifting to new and advanced vehicles, a special category is now being added. This comes after the important announcement to include Formula E in most sectors. As such, autosports teams are now gravitating towards a completely sound electrical platform. This just simply means that more hybrids are being added to the fleet. This even gives designers the perfect opportunity to work and request even more complex harnesses and assemblies. Hence, smaller and lighter connectors are being used since they have higher current power. Both data speeds and faster signals are being used to deal with continuous communications and development. Lane Motorsport has also incorporated a series of specially designed connectors that were made for autosports only. These are paving the way for petrol, hybrids, and even a completely electric platform. Even the applications that are found in today's racing environment there a need for continued improvement. Additionally, they should also be able to withstand even the most demanding environments. For the most part, these will be focused on power pack cooling systems and motors that will be able to monitor and control various systems. However, it should be noted that most of the connector applications on the markets are based on the latest 8STA connector system. These are manufactured by Souriau-Sunbank. The MIL-DTL-38999 was also designed for a series of tiny connectors and are favoured in the competitive industry. These are mainly used for steering wheel systems, data acquisition, engine management, telemetry, hybrid energy recovery systems, and fuel tanks. These state-of-the-art connectors are also constructed using an aluminium body and black zinc. In the high-density versions, the range allows up to 26 contacts in 68 sizes that are compatible with AWG wires that range from 24 to 30. Higher powered versions can successfully handle up to 200A.

Performance Advantages of Electric Vehicles

The operating temperature ranges from 55 degrees C to 175 degrees C. When the connector is mated, it meets the special requirements of IP67. This allows it to stand up to some of the toughest environments. The 01 version from Souriau's 8STA range offers users a 20 per cent saving rate while the 02 series will maintain its performance advantages. The design also supports anti-vibrational properties and can withstand very high resistance. Besides the connectors themselves, solution packages are offered. These tend to contain a wide range of connector accessories. These are made by HellermannTyton and Weald Electronics. They come with gaskets, protective caps, heat shrink boots, nut plates, and even the tools needed for assembly.