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The Benefits Of Private Tuition
By Geoff Roy | |
Tuition is something that allows for gaps in learning to be discovered because of the uneven ratios of teachers to students. A lot of times a student might be having difficulties with learning because they aren't getting the kind of…
How Toys Assist with Child Development
By Geoff Roy | |

1. Educates children on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)

Children soak up information very easily and they are constantly learning from their environment. As a result, toys are an excellent way to introduce them to the realms of…
Video Voice-Over and Localisation Services
By Geoff Roy | |
Video content, particularly in the modern digital era, is among the most effective ways that businesses can connect with consumers. In contrast to other marketing communication modes, such as podcasts and visual advertisements, video content grabs the attention of the…
Our Motorsport Division is Making Connections Across Hybrid and Electric Racing Platforms
By Geoff Roy | |
Avoiding the new aged electric vehicles is going to be quite the challenge since they're almost everywhere you look. If you didn't already know, manufacturers all around the world are continuously announcing the launch of new vehicles. All of this…
On How Will The Recruitment Industry Change Over The Next 10 Years
By Geoff Roy | |
Work is constantly changing in the world today and it is due to all the new technologies that are out there. Many people are finding that they are doing different things than they did before when they work. Recruiters are…
COVID-19: Five dimensions of impact
By Geoff Roy | |
  The Coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on many people in the UK. The guidelines put in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus have entrenched themselves deep in our livelihoods affecting social contacts, job security,…
What’s Brand New in the iOS 14 Update?
By Geoff Roy | |
  There have been plenty of different takes on the new Apple iOS 14 update. It seems as if the entire digital marketing industry is going on about it. You can find tech sites and blogs discussing it and how…
Tips On Giving Your Employees A Morale Boost
By Geoff Roy | |
You look outside and a cold, dark day looks back at you. You muse on the fact that it's the third lockdown since the start of the pandemic and you realise that you feel like you are stuck on a…
Web Development: The Changes and Current Trajectory
By Geoff Roy | |
  The Web is not what it was a decade ago. It has changed significantly over the past ten years. Smartphones were not there back then, and Internet Explorer was the browser market leader. Moreover, development strategies were different from…
Is Hospitality Delivering On Consumers’ Needs?
By Geoff Roy | |
Almost a full 12 months have passed since Covid changed life as we knew it. So much has changed in the past year, including the eating habits of consumers and their general attitude and behaviour towards dining. Such changes mean…
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