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Reasons Why Egypt Should Be Top Of Your Upcoming Holiday Destinations

1. The Current Environment Favours Tourism

You may have seen some media reports indicating that Egypt has civil unrest and this may have made you put a pin in your plans to holiday in the land of the Pharaohs. Though there may be occasional demonstrations, these are purely a domestic issue and they have no impact on the tourism industry. Despite the occasional protests, you can be sure that the locals are very welcoming to tourists. Keep in mind that the media tends to magnify negative reports while forgetting to highlight the beauty in any situation. Yes, you may find that in one street there are peaceful demonstrations. However, on crossing to the next street you will find that life is going on normally with old men relaxing outside on chairs playing backgammon while mothers shop in bazaars.

2. Iconic Tourist Destinations Are Less Crowded

At this time, many of the major attractions in Egypt are relatively empty. For example, there are usually limited tickets for tourists who want to view and marvel at the tomb in the Cheops pyramid. Furthermore, these tickets tend to sell out early in the morning hours. However, at the current moment, it is easier to secure a ticket to the tomb. What’s more, since there are fewer people at the tomb, you will have a great opportunity to take all the pictures you want.

3. You Can Be Sure of a Warm Welcome

The locals in Egypt are welcoming by nature and they are always happy to receive tourists in their country. In many cases, most of the people who welcome visitors to the country work in the tourism industry. However, there is a high likelihood that you will receive a genuine “Welcome to Egypt” from an ordinary member of the society who is simply proud that you chose to visit his country.

4. You Will Get Value for Money

It is at this time when the tourism season is at its lowest that you are likely to get some of the best bargains in bazaars. The main towns favoured by tourists such as Luxor and Aswan have great shopping bazaars but the largest is located at Khan el Khalili in Cairo. Here, you will find almost any type of souvenir you can imagine and you can be sure that the shop owners will always be in a haggling mood.

5. It’s the Perfect Time to Experience the Magic of Egypt

Egypt has a fascinating and jaw-dropping history. When the rest of the world was still struggling with basic civilisation, the Egyptian society had already developed and sustained a sophisticated culture and way of life for over three thousand years. Now is the best time for you to visit the country and experience a journey through the sands of time to see how people lived in the time of the Pharaohs.

Top Tips for Getting a Quality Egyptian Vacation

  1. For starters, ensure that you visit the pyramids. No visit to Egypt can be said to be complete without a visit to the tombs of the kings.
  2. Since it is easy to get tickets now, buy a ticket and visit the Cheops tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  3. Do not try and do amateur and outdated things such as mimicking Egyptians when taking photographs at iconic attractions.
  4. Ensure that you have some money changed into the local currency as you never know when you may need the cash.
  5. When visiting the Valley of the Kings to view tombs and pyramids ensure that you have some sunscreen and a hat to boot.
  6. If you get to visit the Temple of Abu Simbel, take the opportunity.
  7. If you have enough time, take a boat across the Nile and visit some Nubian villages. Get to meet the friendly locals and see their way of life. Egypt Cruise & Holidays offer plenty of opportunities.
  8. For an authentic Egyptian experience, visit the Promenade Café located in Aswan and order some original Bedouin coffee… it is an experience you will not regret.
  9. Cairo traffic can be hectic. Before attempting to cross the street in Cairo, ensure that you are fully insured.
  10. Should you be offered Saqqara beer and a local Stella, take the Stella. Thank me later!