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Scaffolding Costs – Essential Information to Get a Good Quote
It can be hard to reach some places when you are hanging out of a window or standing on a chair. Whether you are building a structure or doing exterior work on your home like painting, you are going to need a scaffold hire company.

What is Scaffolding?

This is a system of steel poles that is flexible and allows tradesmen to safely work on construction, especially working on tall buildings. It is mostly used outside, but there are times when it can be used for the interiors, such as accessing vaulted ceilings.

Getting a Good Quote on Scaffolding

There are some roofers or decorators who bring access towers, but they are small frames that are not going to provide the level of flexibility needed for most projects. This is why you should have a look at sites offering scaffolding hiring services. Scaffolders usually provide handrails and ladders as standard, and they also provide you with specialised equipment that helps in working the difficult spaces like bridging over a conservatory or a narrow alleyway. There is also the option of incorporating several levels to the scaffold system, and the price is going to increase with each level or lift added. You can save up to 40% on the costs of your scaffolding when you compare quotes.

Cost Variables

There will be many factors affecting the prices of scaffolding. Regional variations have a big impact on cost, while flexibility, height, and access consideration are going to be factored in when calculating the final cost.

Length of Hire

The standard period for hiring a scaffolding is 6-8 weeks, and you are going to be given a fixed time for the standard period. If your work is going to take longer than expected, you will need to pay an additional weekly rate.


The higher the scaffolding, the more you are going to pay for it. Other factors might be attributed to the height costs, including place footings on public land or scaling a narrow alleyway.


Location plays a huge part when it comes to pricing. This is why you will find London is three times the cost you would have to pay for in remote locations in Scotland.

Number of Walking Levels

The more the levels of your scaffold, the more you can expect to pay. When working on a roof or chimney, you will just need one level of scaffolding, which is one walking level and one lift. If you are painting a house, you will need two or more.

Restriction of Public Access

There are some instances where scaffolding has to be erected on a footpath or public road. If this is the case, you will need to get a license from the local authorities, and this is going to cost money.

Special Requirements

The easiest way of building a scaffold is when on a flat footing in your private land. There will be times when special requirements are going to be needed. Some of them include bridging a gap over a pathway, conservatory, or driveway. This is not going to be hard when you have specialist equipment, but you will have to pay more.

Ease of Access

Another factor that is going to affect the cost of scaffolding hire is accessibility to the building site. If there is no side passage and everything has to go through the house, it is going to cost more.