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What’s Brand New in the iOS 14 Update?
  There have been plenty of different takes on the new Apple iOS 14 update. It seems as if the entire digital marketing industry is going on about it. You can find tech sites and blogs discussing it and how it affects Facebook advertising. Here is what you should know about the newest Apple iOS 14 update. Around June of 2020, Apple announced that it would be changing the way advertising is tracked and reported. The newest update is going to force users to opt-in if they want their data to be collected and shared with advertisers using their device's unique advertising ID. Thus, every iOS 14-user is going to see a pop-up. This is where they will be asked whether or not they agree to this type of data tracking and sharing. It will work similarly to cookies on a website where a user has to opt-in to be tracked. The newest policy will prohibit different data collection and sharing strategies unless they are fully opted-in.

What Is the Unique Identifier for Advertisers on Apple's iOS?

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a number that is given to each Apple user's phone. This number is used to effectively track that user's activities to deliver it to businesses so they can offer personalised advertising. This information is traditionally used in several ways including discovering information about how a user interacts with a mobile advertising campaign.

How Will This Update Affect Facebook Advertisers?

The newest update is going to completely change the way Facebook and businesses like it can get information from users. This includes their data mining tool called "Facebook Pixel." These tools help businesses learn how to optimise their conversions through gathering important data. Before the update, you would find the majority of users had their identification number readily available. However, after the update, you'll find a lot less available because not many are expected to opt into such a scheme. This will negatively impact a business's ability to effectively advertise through mobile devices.

When Will iOS 14 Be Live?

This update is expected to go live around spring. However, it has been delayed numerous times.

What Are Advertisers Expected to Do?

There are still a lot of unknowns about the update and how it is going to change things. The industry is still waiting for a lot of guidance as to what you should be doing and some of the best practices to follow. However, there are specific things you should be doing right now to get started. Facebook has introduced a brand new domain verification feature that makes it a requirement for websites that use advertising to go through the verification tool. This is the Facebook Domain Verification process and it's easy to implement. Facebook is a business that is arguing that Apple doesn't need to go as far as they are to prohibit tracking. They argue that you can deliver personalised ads without intruding on privacy. They argue that the new update is going to harm small businesses more than anyone else because they will have less information on their advertising campaigns and less effective with their conversions. While they will be sharing Apple's required prompt, they will be adding their pop-up that offers users information on how personalised advertisements are being used. As a user, if you accept these terms, you'll get the same personalised ads that you are used to getting. If you don't accept, you'll likely find that the ads are becoming less relevant and personalised. If you are concerned about how the new update might negatively affect your digital marketing efforts, you can count on the experienced professionals at Air Social and their content marketing services to offer assistance in how to proceed moving forward.