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April 7, 2021
Tips On Giving Your Employees A Morale Boost
By Geoff Roy | |
You look outside and a cold, dark day looks back at you. You muse on the fact that it's the third lockdown since the start of the pandemic and you realise that you feel like you are stuck on a…
Web Development: The Changes and Current Trajectory
By Geoff Roy | |
  The Web is not what it was a decade ago. It has changed significantly over the past ten years. Smartphones were not there back then, and Internet Explorer was the browser market leader. Moreover, development strategies were different from…
Is Hospitality Delivering On Consumers’ Needs?
By Geoff Roy | |
Almost a full 12 months have passed since Covid changed life as we knew it. So much has changed in the past year, including the eating habits of consumers and their general attitude and behaviour towards dining. Such changes mean…
Automobile Suspension (Car Suspension) Explained
By Geoff Roy | |
When it comes to driving a vehicle every day, your suspensions are something you need to keep an eye on. If you didn't already know, your suspension prevents your car from experiencing sudden jerks as you drive along rough paths.…
The Importance of Tree Surgery
By Geoff Roy | |
Trees play an important role in improving the environment of your commercial establishment both health-wise and aesthetically. They provide a better environment for your staff and customers by improving the view and providing clean air for them to breathe. With…