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Is Hospitality Delivering On Consumers’ Needs?
Almost a full 12 months have passed since Covid changed life as we knew it. So much has changed in the past year, including the eating habits of consumers and their general attitude and behaviour towards dining. Such changes mean that hospitality has the chance to examine how they can customise their services and marketing so that they align with recent trends and can fully satisfy the needs of their current consumers. To gain a clearer picture, not just of what has changed in the world of hospitality, but also what the consumer really wants, what they are eating and what we may expect future home delivery go look like going forward, Deliveroo conducted a recent client survey using Paperchase accountancy and the results were fascinating:

Eating Habits Of Consumers

65% of consumers said that they use more of their expenditure not on takeaways as it gives a positive thing to look forward to. 50% of consumers said they had ordered restaurant 'meal kits', this purchase was most likely to happen on a Friday. Due to homeschooling and less availability for child care, 43% of parents said they are more pressured for time now than they were before which means delivery services were essential to them. The most orders during lockdown were the likes of burgers, fried chicken, pizza, Indian and Chinese, however, there was also found to be a demand for cuisines such as Mexican, Korean and Vietnamese, not just in cities but also in suburban locations, areas where delivery may not be possible. Consumers are being more and more attracted to home delivery. In the year 2020, during the third quarter, there were £46.4m orders made for food delivery in the UK, in contrast to the same period in 2019 this represents a 43% increase. A lot of brands are embracing this, Deliveroo reported that approximately 20,000 new restaurant partners joined up with them in the year 2020. However, even though the take-out service has seen a boom, indoor dining, both at bars and restaurants, is amongst the top three activities that people are excited to return to, according to a November 2020 McKinney survey.

Attitudes Toward Health

For good reason, people have been concerned about health more over the past year. Global Web Index carried out a recent survey which showed that 48% of those that took part have started to eat healthier to have a good impact on their mental health during the pandemic. Mintel findings also noted that 30% of adults have more emphasis placed on healthy eating since the pandemic started and are interested in foods and drinks that give their immune system a boost. Would it be a good idea for restaurants to highlight which dishes have greater health benefits?


Health is not the only thing on consumers' minds, but the environment is being given more thought too. In a 2021 GWI survey, Connecting the Dots, it was revealed that 51% of global respondents said they had the desire for brands to be eco-friendly, in fact, 50% had plans to reduce their food waste, and 46% plan to choose brands that are more sustainable. Consumers have the desire to support business as we continue in these difficult times, in fact, 80% of the customers with Deliveroo said they want to give their support to local business. However, they want brands to also care. For instance, over 50% of GWI respondents want to see brands giving support to people and 41% want to see local causes being supported by brands. Giving proof to consumers that you care about the current situation and the environment is more important than ever before!