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Guidelines For Selecting & Purhcasing Plus Size Activewear
Activewear is the perfect type of clothing that offers both functionality an style. After all, a sports bra is of no use if it only looks good and can't keep your breasts from bouncing around! The idea behind activewear is very similar to shapewear. The vast majority of pelvic, back and shoulder pain is due to lack of weight support. So, it is imperative that everyone is more aware of the need for support while exercising or simply being active.

What Do You Need Activewear for?

This is the very first thing you should ask yourself. For example, do you need it for the gym, cycling, yoga or running? Whatever type of activity you intend on doing, you need to get the right type of activewear to suit that activity. Also, you need to consider how long you intend to wear the activewear for as well as how many layers you want to wear.

Low Impact

When it comes to activewear for low impact exercise such as yoga, walking, cycling etc, it is definitely about layers. Even though these are very low impact exercises, you'll likely do them for a long time and need to wear your activewear for a long time as well. As a result, you'd likely need to wear a sturdy base along with looser outer layers of clothes. This will give you a great deal of comfort. Due to these low impact activities, you won't need to wear a sports bra with underwire and it would be better to find one that is stretchy and comfortable. When it comes to the pants, you should opt for high waisted leggings or Capri pants that will ensure your pants stay in place.

Mixed Impact

If you enjoy recreational sports or going to the gym, then you likely do mixed impact workouts. So, whether you're playing tennis or simply working out on some gym equipment, there will be moments when you'll be very active and other moments with lower activity. As a result, the activewear that you choose to wear should be based on the highest impact that you expect so that you don't get injured.

High Impact

Some high impact workouts include running, football, tennis etc. If you're engaging in high impact workouts, then you definitely need high impact activewear. This means that you need extra bra support, wide bra straps, underwiring in the bra etc. You should also add additional layers such as a sports vest that is worn on top of your sports bra.

Important Features

Now, you may be wondering, exactly what should you be looking for when you're looking at activewear (plus size)? One of the most important features the activewear should have is that it needs to be sweat wicking and breathable. It is best to stick with cotton materials. For the most part, the majority of activewear brands have good design research which means that the clothing is actually made with these things in mind.


When purchasing tops and sports bra, make sure to look for ones with wide shoulder bands. You should also look for tops or bras with padded straps since they will provide much needed comfort and support. You can also over layer a long top or bodysuit if you want to ensure your clothing stays in place throughout your activity.


It doesn't matter what type of pants you prefer such as yoga pants, leggings, Capri pants etc, you should also choose one that has a high waist. This will help your pants to stay in place and provide great comfort. Also, it should have a wide waistband to give extra support for your stomach and core.


This is your first layer of clothing and is extremely important. You should choose supportive underwear such as briefs with wide waists, long shorts etc. These will go a long way in preventing your thighs from chafing as well as keep your clothing in place.


If you need to wear your activewear outdoors and especially in the cold or winter then keep up to date with the winter fashion trends for 2020 and you will be prepared. Make sure to add enough layers but keep your base layer the same. You can then additional layers that are comfortable and provide warmth and support. In closing, once you keep the above suggestions in mind, you will be able to easily choose great activewear. Make sure that you choose the correct sizes and add layers as needed. Then, you can focus on getting activewear in your favourite patterns, styles and colours.