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Heating Solutions for Your Caravan or Mobile Home
If you are looking forward to a traditional British seaside holiday, you are probably considering travelling to Dorset or perhaps the Cornish coast where your kids can have fun building sandcastles on the clean, sandy beaches. However, you might also be thinking about ways to keep your family warm in the caravan if temperatures plummet.

Portable Electric Radiators

Mobile homes and caravans don't typically have a lot of floor space, so if you are looking for compact space heating solutions, our range of affordable Vantage and Economiser slim-line electric radiators make a good choice. They are super-portable, easy to install and can be placed in storage when they are not needed to free up space in your caravan. Alternatively, if you're looking to prevent damp in your mobile home, you can use our mobile app to control the radiator thermostats remotely throughout the year.

Solar Panels

British weather can be unpredictable and bright sunny days are in short supply. However, solar thermal panels still work well in chilly, overcast weather, and they can provide hot water for showering, helping you to save money on gas canisters during your caravan holiday. What's more, they are environmentally friendly.


Adding insulation to your caravan can help to keep it cool during the scorching days in the summer and retain more heat during the cooler seasons. It works well in combination with any of the other heating solutions featured here and can reduce your energy costs dramatically. You can get your caravan professionally insulated for a small investment, but there are also plenty of cheap DIY options. You probably already have all the materials you need to complete the job somewhere in your home.


Depending on the temperature outside, installing a caravan awning may be a good option for providing extra living space or storage space for outdoor furniture, such as tables and chairs, and bikes. Awnings can also provide shelter from the midday sun and rain showers.

Double Glazing

Like conventional residential properties, mobile homes can also be fitted with double-glazed windows and doors for extra insulation. Double glazing can also provide a mobile home with better protection from the rain and snow, helping to reduce the chances of water and mould damage.


Sunlight is one of nature's greatest gifts. When it's around, it's completely free and can heat your caravan up fairly rapidly as long as you open the blinds and curtains. Meanwhile, if it gets too hot, simply close the blinds. The key is to secure an unshaded spot on a caravan site.

Smart Options

While heatwaves are not commonplace in Britain, we do sometimes get a few each year. If you find yourself sweltering from the heat during your caravan holiday, don't worry, our Economiser radiators automatically adapt to your preferred room temperature regardless of the time of year. Furthermore, the adaptive start mode can be activated. When operating in this mode, the radiator will monitor the ambient temperature and calculate how long it will take to heat a room to your set temperature and turn on at an appropriate time. No more waking up to a freezing cold kitchen.

Features and Benefits of Economiser and Vantage Electric Radiators

  • Fast, simple installation process.
  • Vantage models offer a low height option making them ideally suited for mobile homes.
  • With a smart hub, radiators from the Vantage range can be controlled remotely via a mobile app.
  • Prices for the Vantage range start at just £260.10.
  • Prices for the Economiser range start at £395.00.
  • 30-year warranty or 10-year warranty, depending on the model, is included automatically.
  • Open window sensor, energy monitoring features and adaptive start mode.