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The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Leather Gloves
Caring for your leather gloves isn't difficult if you maintain them from the start itself. A good pair of leather gloves should retain its definition and shape for many decades with a little maintenance of your part. But we have all seen where a good pair of leather gloves could end up when you don't care for them. The gloves are bound to need a little TLC to last longer. You may have many questions regarding your leather gloves such as:
  • How to waterproof the gloves?
  • Can I wash the pair of leather gloves?
  • Will the gloves shrink when they are wet?
  • How to prevent the gloves from stretching?
  • How to clean the lining of the gloves?
This article will answer all of your questions about caring for your expensive leather gloves.

How to Waterproof Your Leather Gloves

Is there a way to waterproof a new pair of leather gloves to protect them from the elements? The most important thing to remember is leather is skin, and it is naturally resistant to the elements. Your gloves should be fine as long as you don't go for a dip in the ocean. There are many high-street brands that could make your leather gloves resistant to the elements. Nikwax is one of the most popular products in this regard. But these products may compromise the appearance of your gloves, especially if they are light in colour.

How to Clean Your Leather Gloves

Cleaning and washing high-quality leather should be done with utmost care. In fact, you should wash the product only if it's necessary. Because the skins contain tanning and dyeing additives, the colours of the gloves are always delicate. In fact, washing the gloves with inappropriate chemicals can damage the gloves. But if your gloves are slightly marked and you need to clean them, there are many steps that work better.

How to Prevent Stretching with Leather Gloves

Many people ask us how to prevent their leather gloves from stretching. The simple answer to this question is you do not have to prevent the leather from stretching because leather has natural elasticity and recovery qualities. It allows your hand to pass through the narrow part of the glove and the glove will then reform around the hand and wrist. The glove cutter should be skilled enough to select the right piece of leather for each different part of the glove. They should prepare the gloves so that the leather retains the right amount of elasticity. This is how a perfect leather glove is made. Our advice to anyone interested in leather gloves is to invest in a high-quality pair of leather gloves that will last a lifetime. Do not forget to choose the correct size of gloves for your hands. If you do this, you will never have to worry about the product stretching out of shape over time.

How to Clean the Lining of Your Leather Gloves

At Chester Jefferies we offer some off the highest quality leather products on the market today. But because of the nature of the leather, your leather gloves should not be fully dipped or water. That is why it is a bit tricky to clean the leather lining. We do not recommend cleaning the lining of your gloves. If you do so, it may get damaged easily. If you need to clean the lining of your leather gloves, the best thing is to take the product to a specialist dry cleaner in the area. That is the best way to clean your expensive pair of leather gloves.