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What Grandfather Rights Are And How They Apply To The Driver CPC
If you had the chance to read a lot in your days, you might have come across the term 'grandfather rights' in relationship with driving professionally and with obtaining your driver CPC. If you've never heard about this before, let us tell you what it is all about. Grandfather rights, or acquired rights, are rights that are granted in the event of a legal change to a system. For example, if you were allowed by law to provide a certain service without a certification and from now on the government decides that you need a qualification to do it, then some individuals who were already doing that activity will be allowed to continue under 'grandfather rights'. This measure prevents large groups of people from losing their jobs or from needing to invest a lot of time and money into a training they don't need, since they already know how to perform that specific activity or service. This situation may arise in any industry or area of activity. In this article, however, we focus on the HGV license renewal industry and the grandfather rights that concern the Driver CPC. What Is A Driver CPC And Why Do I Need One? We've tackled this topic several times before, but here's a refresher, just in case. The Driver CPC is the acronym for 'Driver Certificate of Professional Competence 'and it grants the holder the legal right to drive heavy goods vehicles. This type of activity requires drivers to undergo continuous education and training throughout their entire active life, with the goal of maintaining high standards of safety. Drivers need to follow only approved training courses. They are required to acquire 35 hours of approved training education every 5 years to keep up with the current standards in the industry. First time applicants are also required to pass a set of tests to show they are up to the standards required by the authorities. Why And How Are Grandfather Rights Important? After the introduction of the Driver CPC, all new drivers were required to pass the Driver C{PC test to qualify for working with HGVs or LGVs. However, there were already drivers working with those types of vehicles. If they were to stop to go to school, the whole industry would have been in a huge mess. All drivers, including those with decades of experience, would have needed to halt their activity and to spend a lot of time to complete their training and to pass the exams. The decision of the authorities was to make use of grandfather rights. The consequence was that all drivers who were already driving those specific types of vehicles could keep their jobs without having to undergo any training or to pass any test. They just needed to keep safe while driving. The Driver CPC applied to all individuals looking to acquire their qualification after the implementation date (September 10th 2009). This allowed the industry to keep operating while ensuring new drivers were fully compliant to the new law. After a while, all drivers working under grandfather rights would naturally reach the age of retirement and would cease their professional activity. Remaining drivers would all be CPC certified. Who Needs A Driver CPC? If you're a HG or LGV driver and you've got your licence prior to 10th of September 2009, you can make use of grandfather rights, and therefore keep driving without needing to take the new CPC tests. This applies to Cat C, C1, C+E and C1+E licences. Also, if you already have your licence D, D1, D+E or D1+E acquired before the above mentioned date, you benefit from grandfather rights. Everyone else has to apply for the new Driver CPC and pass the test to gain the right to drive professionally. HGV licensing is only one of the industries that make use of grandfather rights to keep things moving in the event of a system change. They make the introduction of new laws much easier, as it doesn't lead to job cuts or other such measures.