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5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Industrial Mixer
By Geoff Roy | |
When manufacturing products are used with bakeries, nutrition, food, and chemical sectors, blending a mixture of these ingredients will occur. Flux Pumps can easily move the products from one place to another but during the manufacturing process this sometimes cannot…
What the Estate Agent Industry Needs to do in Order to Survive Coronavirus
By Geoff Roy | |

The Current Challenge

Estate agency investments over the past several years have been able to generate steady cash flow and to yield significantly over traditional sources like corporate debt with just a bit more risk. However, the reality has changed…
Cure for Coronavirus: What Progress is Being Made on Treatments?
By Geoff Roy | |
Trials all over the world are trying to identify treatments for individuals who have severe Covid-19. Currently, from protein purification to steroids and antihistamines, the initial drugs that make a difference are being identified.

What Type of Work is Being

Covid-19 Impact on Small Businesses in the UK
By Geoff Roy | |
We conducted a survey of over 3,700 self-employed individuals and small business owners for our SME Confidence Report in the UK. We came to a realisation, that while every part of the country has been affected by the coronavirus, the…
Guidelines For Selecting & Purhcasing Plus Size Activewear
By Geoff Roy | |
Activewear is the perfect type of clothing that offers both functionality an style. After all, a sports bra is of no use if it only looks good and can't keep your breasts from bouncing around! The idea behind activewear is…
Heating Solutions for Your Caravan or Mobile Home
By Geoff Roy | |
If you are looking forward to a traditional British seaside holiday, you are probably considering travelling to Dorset or perhaps the Cornish coast where your kids can have fun building sandcastles on the clean, sandy beaches. However, you might also…
Post-Tooth Extraction Dos and Don’ts
By Geoff Roy | |

Post-Extraction Dos:

Experts at The Dental Practice advise that a priority following any tooth extraction should be getting sufficient rest. While you may not feel any effects immediately after your procedure, it is best to avoid excessive activity or exertion…
Reasons Why Egypt Should Be Top Of Your Upcoming Holiday Destinations
By Geoff Roy | |

1. The Current Environment Favours Tourism

You may have seen some media reports indicating that Egypt has civil unrest and this may have made you put a pin in your plans to holiday in the land of the Pharaohs.…
Impact of COVID-19 on the Technology Industry
By Geoff Roy | |
The COVID-19 pandemic is the source of severe economic concerns for businesses, communities, and consumers all around the world. The following guide talks about various things that US business leaders should keep in mind and also covers different aspects of…
Overview of COVID-19 and How it Affects the Technology Industry
By Geoff Roy | |
The coronavirus has affected businesses and consumers around the world, causing widespread economic hardship for people and companies. Here are some general guidelines for dealing with COVID-19: This is what business leaders should know regarding crisis management, tax and trade,…