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Post-Tooth Extraction Dos and Don’ts
By Geoff Roy | |

Post-Extraction Dos:

Experts at The Dental Practice advise that a priority following any tooth extraction should be getting sufficient rest. While you may not feel any effects immediately after your procedure, it is best to avoid excessive activity or exertion…
Reasons Why Egypt Should Be Top Of Your Upcoming Holiday Destinations
By Geoff Roy | |

1. The Current Environment Favours Tourism

You may have seen some media reports indicating that Egypt has civil unrest and this may have made you put a pin in your plans to holiday in the land of the Pharaohs.…
Impact of COVID-19 on the Technology Industry
By Geoff Roy | |
The COVID-19 pandemic is the source of severe economic concerns for businesses, communities, and consumers all around the world. The following guide talks about various things that US business leaders should keep in mind and also covers different aspects of…
Overview of COVID-19 and How it Affects the Technology Industry
By Geoff Roy | |
The coronavirus has affected businesses and consumers around the world, causing widespread economic hardship for people and companies. Here are some general guidelines for dealing with COVID-19: This is what business leaders should know regarding crisis management, tax and trade,…
Reasons to Schedule a Deep Office Clean to Fight Coronavirus Spread
By Geoff Roy | |
DisinfectionWith COVID-19 spreading across the world like wildfire, scientists and organisations are continually providing updates on how businesses and individuals can fight the virus. One measure has, however, remained constant in the fight: the need to follow strict hygiene practices…
The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Leather Gloves
By Geoff Roy | |
Caring for your leather gloves isn't difficult if you maintain them from the start itself. A good pair of leather gloves should retain its definition and shape for many decades with a little maintenance of your part. But we have…
Why Knowing and Understanding Your Business Finances is Important
By Geoff Roy | |
A good understanding of your business finances is one of the key elements of growing a healthy and successful business. Running my own chain of bookshops, Archway Books, taught me the important lesson of keeping my business finances under control.…
Saving One Of The Greatest Places Remaining In The World Today: Borneo
By Geoff Roy | |
To clear more land for palm plantations, Borneo’s impressive rain forest is being destroyed. To protect one of the last ancient forests on earth, consumers of chocolate bars and toothpaste, and other products made using palm oil have an important…
Short Term vs. Long Term Storage Options: Packing Lessons
By Geoff Roy | |
When it comes to storage there's a lot more to it than you might expect from first glance. You don't just want to dump everything into a storage unit and forget about it. Packing still matters. Proper packaging matters. You…
How To Write A Social Media Policy And Its Importance To Businesses
By Geoff Roy | |
Social media platforms are filled with various controversies. Shared posts, tweets going viral can get many people in trouble, sometimes exposed or bullied for various reasons, and unfortunately, social media companies are a tad slow when responding to reports. Although…