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The Importance of regular Maintenance
By Geoff Roy | |
Like most electrical equipment, data centre cooling systems, backup generators, and uninterruptible power supplies require routine preventative maintenance to obtain the maximum availability and reliability level. Don’t forget that your back generator and UPS system are specially designed to protect…
6 Benefits of CBD Oil
By Geoff Roy | |
Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is extracted from a cannabis plant and is a type of cannabinoid. Cannabinoid refers to those chemicals that are naturally found in the marijuana plant.

6 Benefits of Cannabidiol Oil

1. Relieves Anxiety

CBD can…
The Coronavirus Pandemic Left Nannies Without Employment
By Geoff Roy | |
There's no more need for nannies. Many nannies found themselves in trouble, as they were either furloughed or laid off with no severance pay. According to The Out, more than ten nannies from the Caribbean died of COVID-19. The shutting…
5 Ways the Coronavirus Will Affect the Connectivity and Tech Industry in 2020
By Geoff Roy | |
Global supply chains were disrupted when the coronavirus first appeared in China, but as this has grown into a global pandemic, affecting nearly 120 countries and with over 125,000 deaths recorded, it is becoming less predictable and more far-reaching than…
How Coronavirus Will Impact The Marketing Industry
By Geoff Roy | |
  Coronavirus is currently one of the only things people are thinking about. We're in the middle of a global pandemic, and a huge percentage of people have been and will be impacted. Whether you're now working from home, self-isolating,…
Boris Johnson’s Promised Infrastructure Boom is Impossible Without Foreign-Born Labour
By Geoff Roy | |
Many industries will be impacted because of the government's intent to withhold visas from low-skill workers. The construction sector, however, could wind up bearing the brunt of the impact. For the last decade, this industry has been heavily dependent on
Boris Johnson’s New Plan Will Not Work
By Geoff Roy | |
The UK plans to refuse visas to those who are low-skilled. Although this may sound good to some, the fact is this plan will cause plenty of problems. The government’s plan will affect lots of businesses, especially the construction industry.…
5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Industrial Mixer
By Geoff Roy | |
When manufacturing products are used with bakeries, nutrition, food, and chemical sectors, blending a mixture of these ingredients will occur. Flux Pumps can easily move the products from one place to another but during the manufacturing process this sometimes cannot…
What the Estate Agent Industry Needs to do in Order to Survive Coronavirus
By Geoff Roy | |

The Current Challenge

Estate agency investments over the past several years have been able to generate steady cash flow and to yield significantly over traditional sources like corporate debt with just a bit more risk. However, the reality has changed…
Cure for Coronavirus: What Progress is Being Made on Treatments?
By Geoff Roy | |
Trials all over the world are trying to identify treatments for individuals who have severe Covid-19. Currently, from protein purification to steroids and antihistamines, the initial drugs that make a difference are being identified.

What Type of Work is Being

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